4 Benefits of Remarketing For Attorneys

Interested in remarketing? Find out just how valuable running these ads can be to your law firm! 

4 Benefits of Remarketing For Attorneys

Have you driven past those major law firm billboards that just seem to follow you everywhere?

You drive for ten minutes and boom, there’s another one. If you are a lawyer competing in the same area and in the same specialty, you may find these billboards depressing or just annoying (thinking to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have that huge marketing budget that they have….”).

While we definitely don’t think billboards are the most effective way for attorneys to advertise in today’s digital world, lawyers who have multiple billboards are attempting to increase the public’s awareness of their brand by following them around. The more you see a billboard, the more likely you are to remember the lawyer’s name and slogan. Mere exposure to the brand makes the brand more memorable.

But billboards are expensive, inflexible, and untrackable. You can’t update them easily, and you have no way of knowing if they are working or not; you can’t control how many drivers actually pay attention to them or what kind of drivers see them.

Luckily for lawyers without million dollar advertising budgets, there is another way to “follow people around” online and increase awareness of your firm’s brand. It’s called remarketing, and it is an incredibly valuable tool that you should definitely be using to get more clients. When someone visits your website and then leaves it, an identifying cookie is placed in their browser; you can add that visitor to a remarketing list, and then serve them your remarketing ads. These ads will appear as they surf the web, either on social media or YouTube or other Google partner sites.

Most lawyers are familiar with the basic idea, but are not actively running remarketing ads on Facebook or on the GDN (Google Display Network), either because they do not have the time or the knowledge or they are not convinced it is going to make a difference (or possibly, all three).

Here are five reasons why remarketing is worth focusing on immediately:

  1. It increases your conversion rate.

According to a recent  WordStream article, the average conversion rate for the legal industry is 7.45% for search ads and 0.46% for display ads. That means that over 90% of traffic from ads does not convert on the first pass. That should not come as a shock to you - hiring a lawyer is a big decision, and most people don’t choose the first lawyer whose website they visit. They will “shop around”, searching the internet and comparing their options for representation. Another study showed that it may even take users nine website visits before they contact your firm. If you have no plan to engage with your website visitors after they leave your site, there’s a good chance that they will forget about you, and you essentially give up on 90% of potential clients - big mistake.

You need to be persistent and use remarketing ads to keep your brand in front of them as they browse around. This will bring more people who are already familiar with your law firm back to your site and increase conversions. (According to a study from DataXu, remarketing ads can potentially increase conversion rates by around 150%.)

If you’ve ever searched for something online and then had your Facebook feed flooded with ads from that company, you have personally experienced remarketing ads. We’re not sure about your personal disposition towards those ads, but it may surprise you to know that the majority of internet users do not actually find them creepy or get tired of them like you might expect! There is plenty of data supporting that these ads do increase conversion rates with each view and that users stay interested in these ads for twice as long they do in as regular targeted display ads.

  1. It lowers lead cost.  

One of the best advantages that remarketing offers for lawyers is that it’s cheap, and in a highly competitive industry where lead cost for search ads can be expensive, that’s a major plus! You may pay more than $50 for a click when running search ads, but remarketing ads may cost you less than $1.50 per click. One study showed that remarketing ads lowered the CPA by 32% for regular search ads and 65% for regular display ads. And it’s important to remember that you only pay when a user actually does click on the ad; you are not charged for impressions. Impressions do help you raise brand awareness, however (kind of like billboards, except they are trackable), so you are technically reaching more people for your firm than you are paying for!

  1. It boosts your other marketing efforts.

Because not many users will convert the first time that they reach your site, if you are already paying for other marketing sources - like billboards, or TV commercials, or something like FindLaw - remarketing is just going to help you recover traffic that you are already paying for. You’re going to see better results overall if you utilize remarketing; it will not compete with your other marketing sources, only enhance them.

  1. It improves your ad relevance.

Remarketing ads can be ultra-specific, because you can define a set of criteria that the user has to meet. You can serve ads to people who visited a particular page on your site and didn’t visit another, or you can serve different ads to people who downloaded your free guide, for example. Say you are a family law attorney who also offers personal injury services; you can use remarketing to create multiple ads for users depending on which page of your site they visited. You can show different ads on mobile and desktop. When you show users ads based on what you know they are looking for, encouraging them to convert, highlighting your value propositions, addressing concerns, and creating a sense of urgency, your ads will be highly relevant to the user and this will increase your CTR (click through rate) as well as your QS (quality score).

Beware of the language you use in your remarketing campaigns, however. Google has updated their guidelines in recent years in a push to protect user privacy, so you are not allowed to use “sensitive information” when remarketing, which includes criminal activity, financial information, or marital status. This makes sense - if, for example, someone was researching divorce attorneys but had not yet officially served papers or made their spouse aware that they were thinking about it, and their spouse used their computer or was with them as they opened their Facebook and saw numerous ads read along the lines of  “Looking for a divorce attorney?”, it might make things awkward. You cannot imply that users’ marriages are in trouble, that they have financial issues, or that they have been accused of a crime in your remarketing ad copy/design - your ad will be disapproved and Google may shut down your account for violating its policies. That does not mean that lawyers can’t run remarketing ads at all, only that they have to run them carefully.

Do you have other questions about remarketing ads? Do you see the merit but simply don’t have the time to run them yourself? Contact the team at Empirical360. We have managed over $20 million in ad spend, and we specialize in helping lawyers decrease their lead cost, get more phone calls, and get more of the cases they actually want. We’ve seen what remarketing can do for a law firm and we would love to discuss how we can help your firm use this tool to grow!

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