How Empirical360 is Different From Other Legal Marketing Agencies

Here are three things that set Empirical360 apart from other attorney digital marketing agencies.

How Empirical360 is Different From Other Legal Marketing Agencies

Lawyers looking to do PPC have a range of options for hiring a marketing agency. Some of the bigger online legal empires boast about their ability to design beautiful websites, but don’t deliver on anything else that really matters to your firm. Some agencies focus on SEO and charge thousands of dollars but don’t get you any leads. Empirical36 is different (and we can prove it, before you shake your head and say that’s just what everyone else says - check out some of our case studies). Empirical360 is a small, elite team of PPC experts that operates differently from many marketing agencies you will find.

Here are three things that set Empirical360 apart from other attorney digital marketing agencies.

The first - and probably most important - is that we do not do contracts.

That means that if we’re not driving results for you, you can simply fire us at any time and walk away with all of the assets that we have created for you. We hate when attorneys get roped into long term contracts with marketing agencies that are insecure about their abilities. It never ends well, because it typically results in poor relations between the marketing agency and the law firm. This is one of the reasons that lawyers are often skeptical about working with a new agency; they have been burned by too many agencies who operated this way before. We do not believe in sketchy business dealings! We do what we do to help law firms grow. We want our partnership to be mutually beneficial! You can relax and try us out for the first month or few months without worrying that you paid a lot of money and are shackled to an agency that you just met. No contracts means no pressure (on you, at least - the pressure is certainly on us to perform).

The second aspect of our business that sets us apart is our Google Premier Partnership.

Being a Google Premier Partner puts us in the top 3% of agencies. It is an elite group of marketers that has to meet stringent criteria each year in order to keep the title. Empirical360 has met certain ad spend requirements as well as performance and education requirements to be given this recognition! But Google Premier Partnership is more than just a badge we get to put on our website or a club of great marketers. We have more access to Google than other agencies running Google ads do, and this is a huge advantage for you as our client. We have constant access to a dedicated Google support team who can give us answers to troubleshooting questions and suggest ways to improve your account, and when Google rolls out new beta features, you will likely have a chance to test and use them before your competitors do.

Another distinguishing feature of Empirical360 is that we have our senior marketing executives working on every account.

We’re a small team of specialists. Big marketing agencies sometimes hand lower-level accounts to interns or to less experienced marketers; your account could get lost in the shuffle easily because they have so many people and so many clients. We only take on a certain number of clients to make sure that your account is getting the attention it deserves, and you can know with certainty that your account is only being managed by our top Ads managers! Each one of our account managers has spent over $10 million dollars in Google Ads. That should give you the confidence that your account is run by people who truly know what they are doing and who are certified to grow your business by Google itself!

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