How Lawyers Can Create Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

If you're an attorney, and you're not remarketing, you're missing out on 97% of potential clients. View a step-by-step tutorial on how to create remarketing lists for search ads inside of your Google Ads account and increase your conversion rate!

How Lawyers Can Create Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

If remarketing is not part of your law firm's digital marketing strategy, you are potentially missing out on turning anywhere from 95-98% of your website traffic into clients.

That’s not an exaggeration - the State Bar of Winsconsin shared that 97% of prospective legal clients visit 3-5 law firm websites before contacting one of them. Hiring a lawyer isn’t like buying a pair of shoes; it’s a big decision with lasting and significant life consequences, a decision that can be extremely intimidating depending on your legal specialty (someone hiring a criminal defense lawyer has a lot to lose and may be more cautious; someone hiring a contract lawyer, less so). Regardless of your specialty, though, people are going to do their research. Rarely is your ideal client going to visit your website and then convert on their first visit. More often than not, clients may spend weeks or months researching their legal issue and comparing attorneys who can help them.

This is where remarketing (also referred to as “retargeting”) can save your conversion rate. If 97% of people visit your site and leave it, you need a way to bring them back. That’s what remarketing ads do. They keep your brand in front of users who have already visited your site/ as they surf the web. When you remind users of your brand and your services, they are more likely to navigate back to your site and convert. Data shows that remarketing can increase your conversion rate by almost 150%, and these ads are often much cheaper to serve to users.

You can remarket on social media, with display ads on other sites they are visiting like Avvo or YouTube, or using search ads. However, remarketing using search ads has an advantage over both of the other mediums because it reflects higher intent. Somebody scrolling through a news article or through their Facebook newsfeed may not be willing or may not need to hire a personal injury lawyer at that exact moment in time (we’re not saying these ads aren’t useful, but we are saying they may not directly increase your conversion rate). But somebody searching for a personal injury lawyer is more likely to want to hire them right now...or at least want more information.

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA’s) allow you to customize your search campaigns to target users who have previously visited your site and serve specific ads to these visitors when they search on Google or Google Search Partner sites.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to implement remarketing lists for search ads in your Google Ads account!

Step 1: Within your Google Ads account, find the "Tools" icon and click "Audience Manager". This gives you the ability to see all your current audiences (that have either been manually created by you or automatically created by Google).

Step 2: Create an audience. Click the blue "+" icon, then click "Website Visitors". Give your audience a distinguishable name for easy identification ("Car Accident RLSA" or something similar).

Step 3: Select list members. Here you choose who you want your campaign to target. You can A/B test the different options you have here based on your current data. Just keep in mind that you are trying to reconnect with visitors who didn't convert on a first pass.

Step 4: Designate a target page/pages. Include the page that your target audience has visited (Google Analytics data can prove useful at this stage). If you enter, for example, /home, you create a segment of users who visited your home page. You can add multiple pages to capture users who visited more than one - if someone visited your /home, /car accident, and /contact page, that's likely a high intent user you want to focus on, for example.

Step 5: Choose the size of your list. As long as you've had your remarketing tag in place and your site has been live, you can choose to have your site automatically populate with people who meet the criteria you've chosen in steps 3 and 4 who have visited your site in the last 30 days. Or, you can start with an empty list.

Step 6: Specify membership duration. In this step, you define how long you want your users to stay in this remarketing list and see your ads. You can A/B test different options, but the maximum amount of time a user can stay on your list is 540 days. Finish and click "Create Audience".

Step 7: Navigate to the campaign. Leave your lists as they are for a moment and click on the campaign you want to add your RLSA to.

Step 8: Click on the "Audiences" tab and select the pencil icon or the "+Audiences" button (both have the same function).

Step 9: Edit audiences. In this step, you can decide whether you want to add your RLSA to the campaign level or to the ad group level. You also have a choice of what targeting method to select: "Targeting" will only serve ads to the people in your list, while "Observation" will allow you to bid just and broaden your reach. Then choose "How they have interacted with your business (remarketing and similar audiences) from the three audience types.

Step 10: Refine Audience. Choose "Website visitors". You can then choose to target "All Users" or whatever audience segment you want to target. Hit save.

Step 11: Make bid adjustments. This is an important step! If the people in your list are high intent users (for example, they visited your contact page but didn't submit the form), you can adjust your bids to be higher for these users. If you enter "+30%" as a bid adjustment for these users, Google will raise bids in the search auction and your ads are more likely to show higher on the SERP.

Congratulations, you created a remarketing list for your legal search campaigns! 

If you want to view a video tutorial on this topic, view our YouTube video.

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