How PPC Can Help Small Law Firms Stay Competitive

PPC is one of the only forms of advertising where the bigger firms don’t necessarily have the biggest advantage!

How PPC Can Help Small Law Firms Stay Competitive

If you are currently practicing law solo, or if you belong to a small firm, it can be difficult not to be depressed by the advantage that big firms seemingly have over your own.

Everyone seems to know their name and their slogan because they have million-dollar advertising budgets, and the huge firms can handle the cases that come to them because they have plenty of lawyers and partners and paralegals and resources.

You can’t compete with that, right?

Well, certainly not in the SEO (search engine optimization) category. There’s no way that you are going to rank organically ahead of a major law firm who is already firmly established -  who has been producing content for years and who has a far-reaching online presence that you really do not have a chance of touching, at least in the short-term. It could take years of intentional, constant effort to catch up.

It’s not going to be in any advertising area outside of the Internet, either. Million-dollar advertising budgets mean that big firms can afford to pay for more billboards, TV commercials, and radio spots than you can (even though those things aren’t necessarily the best way to advertise, but they are flashy and help with brand awareness).

So is there any way to win? Are you doomed to forever be a small law firm struggling to get clients because you don’t have the budget to make a name for your firm in the community?

The good news is that PPC can give small law firms the chance to compete fairly against their giant counterparts. It is one of the only forms of advertising where the bigger firms don’t necessarily have the biggest advantage!

We speak with lawyers on the phone all the time who are under the common misconception that they have to have a massive ad budget in order to get results from PPC, because they heard that the click cost can be outrageous.

(In case you are less familiar with PPC, you are charged each time someone clicks on your ad.)

Click cost IS high for certain specialities - namely, personal injury. If you are a PI lawyer, you are going to need a bigger budget, though still not as big as you may think - we don’t recommend starting with anything lower than a $3,000 monthly limit.

But for other legal specialties - bankruptcy law, family law, business litigation law, etc. - you really don’t need more than $1,000 a month to get results.

Here’s why:

Google Ads is an auction system. You bid on certain keywords and search queries related to your legal services (“family lawyer near me”, “will bankruptcy ruin my credit score”), and if your bid is higher than others’ for a specific keyword/query, your ad is shown first on the page above the other paid and organic listings.

You can bid higher, target more precise keywords, have more relevant ads and landing pages, and have a more efficient account structure than your competitors without having to spend enormous amounts of money.

When users search for lawyers or for legal advice, everyone looks the same on the SERP (search engine results page). Your ads can be shown above your competitors’, and users can’t tell that you are a smaller firm just by looking at your ad. And if you have a beautiful, impressive, conversion-friendly website & a smart remarketing strategy, there is no reason why users won’t choose your firm over one of the major players.

PPC increases traffic to your website, which can boost your SEO, so by running Google ads you are also helping your organic presence - bonus! Also, since you only pay when someone clicks your ad, there is a guaranteed ROI (unlike with billboards & TV commercials).

Bottom line - PPC CAN work for you and help you stay competitive in the legal space, even if you are a small law firm with a small budget!

We would love to talk with you and discuss specific costs and the type of results you can expect in more detail. We’ve managed over $20,000,000 in ad spend and have worked with law firms of many different specialties and sizes; as a Google Premier Partner, we are ranked in the top 3% of advertising firms worldwide and have resources that other PPC agencies do not. Book a call today at

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