How To Project Law Firm Growth Without Spending A Dollar On Ads

Today, we’re going to discuss how you can project your law firm’s growth using Google Ads and a spreadsheet without spending a dollar on ads.

How To Project Law Firm Growth Without Spending A Dollar On Ads

Today, we’re going to discuss how you can project your law firm’s growth using Google Ads and a spreadsheet without spending a dollar on ads.

Did you know that you could do that? Most people don’t, but it gives you the ability to see how much potential revenue you could bring in for your firm without spending any more. It’s free. (Everyone loves that word). It’s fast. And it’s called the Google Keyword Planner.

Note: this blog is based on a brief webinar that Elliot Alicea, co-founder of Empirical360 and MarketingBros, originally posted to our Empirical360 Law Firm Success Facebook group. You can find the full video here.

The Google Keyword Planner allows you to see how much search volume there is for a particular keyword in a particular location.

For example, if you are a divorce attorney in Tampa, Florida (Go Bucs!) you can look up the search volume for the keyword “divorce attorney” in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater Metropolis. Then you can see how many times that keyword is searched per month in that area.

To get started, login to your Google Ads account and navigate to the Keyword Planner (on the top gray bar to the right, click on the wrench icon - “Tools & Settings” and then dropdown the “Planning” tab, then click “Keyword Planner”) or just use this link: Then click the ‘Get search volume and forecasts” box and enter a keyword that you want to see volume for, like “divorce attorney”.  From there, you can adjust location and your max CPC (cost per click) in order to get an accurate projection.

Let’s stick with the divorce attorney keyword example and look at a possible scenario. Say that you are willing to spend $10 a click. The Google Keyword Planner will show you (based on the location data you entered) that you can get up to 120 clicks for a $900 budget. That means if you spend $900 on Google Ads, 120 people are projected to come to your website.

$10 to pay for one click might seem like a lot until you crunch the numbers (noting, though, that on average, the Google Keyword Planner will also show you for this example that the average price you will pay for someone to click on your ad (Avg. CPC) is $7.30).

We’ve created a Google spreadsheet, a free and easy to use law firm ROI calculator, so lawyers can easily play around with these numbers and see if a keyword is worth that (because it is hard to tell based on data from the Google Keyword Planner alone). We’ve already created the formulas based on our extensive experience marketing for over 50 law firms last year alone, and you can double check our work to see what they are, but basically you just input the number of clicks and the cost per click that the Keyword Planner gave (for this example, 120 clicks and $7.30 average CPC. The standard conversion rate is 20%. That means that if 120 people come to your landing page, you can reasonably expect that 24 of those people will reach out and try to book a consultation. Those numbers will yield a $36.50 cost per lead, and your total marketing cost will be about $876.00.

(If you’re a divorce attorney reading this, you definitely do not have to spend $876.00; you can spend however little or much you want, which is the beauty of Google, but that amount is going to get you that many clicks at that lead cost.)

Now is where you determine if that keyword is worth it for your firm, specifically. The amount that you charge for a case (your average case value) and your closing rate matter. For this example, let’s say the average case value is $1,500.00, and the closing rate is 10% (hopefully it’s higher in real life). If you got 24 leads, like the Google Keyword Planner projected, that would yield about 2 clients (2.4) monthly.

So with an $876.00 marketing spend, you would make $3,600.00 in revenue and $2,724.00 in profit. Your ROI would be 310.96%. If you close at 20%, our calculator will automatically adjust your expected revenue, profit, and ROI to be $7,200.00, $6,324.00, and 721.92% respectively.

If you have any questions about using the Google Keyword Planner or making Google Ads work for your firm, contact us.

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