The Importance Of Facebook Remarketing

Facebook remarketing helps every other marketing effort that you are doing - it is one of the best ways to maximize all of the traffic that goes to your website.

The Importance Of Facebook Remarketing

This blog is a transcript of a webinar that was originally released to the Empirical360 Law Firm Success Facebook Group by Elliot Alicea, co-founder of Empirical360 and MarketingBros. You can find the original video here.

Facebook remarketing helps every other marketing effort that you are doing - it is one of the best ways to maximize all of the traffic that goes to your website. Before you can start remarketing, though, you need to have a Facebook business page.

Many lawyers think that setting up a Facebook business page is extraordinarily complicated, or that it is linked to their personal page. Both of those assumptions are false; setting one up is super simple and it remains completely separated from your personal account. It’s also free. All you need to do is log in to your personal profile, and then from there you can create a business page. You’ll see it in the “Your Pages” section.

Creating a business page isn’t just necessary to run ads (because you have to have one, you can’t run them to a personal page), but it’s also beneficial for your overall online presence. When people Google you or your firm name, typically your Facebook page will rank highly on Google. You can also collect reviews on Facebook, which makes your firm look better, and communicate directly with potential clients who ask questions via Facebook messenger.

In order to set up your Facebook business page, you will need to add a profile picture (your firm’s logo or a headshot), the services that you do with a short description, a firm description, your hours of operation, your firm’s phone number, your website link, a cover photo (the photo at the top of the FB page - could be a photo of the team, of your city, or something else). Once these elements have been added, you can publish your page and begin running ads.

You do not necessarily need to post regularly in order to run ads. If you post every single day, that’s fine, although you may not get a lot of engagement. Remember that the goal of the ad is to either direct them to your website or direct them to fill out a lead form, so when they click the ad they will not necessarily be taken to your FB page.

So what exactly is Facebook remarketing, now that you can start doing it?

Facebook remarketing refers to the act of running ads targeted towards past visitors to your website. If someone has visited your website, you’re going to show them ads on Facebook. What we do for our clients is bring people to their website using Google, so they’re very qualified. If they leave the website without becoming a lead, we follow them around on Facebook and show them ads in order to remind them that you are still an option. You can show them in all of Facebook’s properties.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself...if you’ve ever Googled a product, or visited it on Amazon, you will probably see ads for that product all over your newsfeed.

This is an extremely cheap and effective way to get leads. Because Facebook has a very low-cost cost-per-click compared to Google, and because you have already paid Google’s price for these leads, it is cost-effective; you know the leads you are remarketing towards are already high quality.

If people are visiting your website through a billboard, through listing services, through TV commercials, they are all going to get tagged with the Facebook pixel, so remarketing is only going to help every single marketing channel you are already paying for.

If you have questions about how Facebook remarketing can work for your law firm, or want us to set it up for you, reach out to Elliot (

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